Denon DN-U100P

Denon DN-U100P

23 458 p

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Артикул M95744

Профессиональный AM/FM тюнер, RDS, RT радио текст, память до 100 станций, 2U

The Denon DN-U100P Installation FM and AM band Tuner is an affordable easy to use tuner.

The Denon DN-U100P Installation Tuner offers FM/AM bands, 100 presets and auto/manual tuning, the 2U rackmountable tuner is a simple and reliable solution for background music and radio monitoring applications.

  1. FM and AM band tuner
  2. 100 presets store up to 100 stations in banks of 10 (1-10, A-J)
  3. IR Control (supplied remote)
  4. Auto and Manual tuning
  5. RDS (radio data system) displays the station name etc
  6. RT (radio text) displays information such as track title if broadcast
  7. Last Function Memory: if power is lost when the DN-U100 is switched back on it will always return to the last tuned station
  8. 2U/HE Rackmount kit supplied
Box content
  1. User Manual
  2. Rackmount
  3. AM aerial, FM aerial
  4. Phono cable
  5. Remote control ( inc batteries )

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