Canare 16b2f1

Canare 16b2f1

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Артикул X1110

Соединительная коробка на 16 каналов, разъемы xlr male, разъем multipin female
Canare's High Quality Junction Boxes are typically used at one or both ends of an audio snake and will accept single mic or line level XLR-3 type cables. Black anodized chassis is constructed from thick 1.16" gauge aluminum to keep it lightweight but extremely strong. All panel mount receptacles are secured to the chassis with screws (not pop rivets) should servicing ever be required.

  • 12 Channel Configuration
  • 12 XLR Male returns.
  • Multipin entry is (JAE) NK27 Pin Female.
  • Skid pads and multipin dust caps with chains are included.

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